Re-krea is an enviro-conscious brand founded in 2011. It was born as a result of our concern about the environment and the impact we have on it. We handcraft unique jewelry using recycled materials like inner tubes, bicycle chains, electric cables, textiles.

We hope that our work will inspire you look at waste in a different, more creative way.

Recycled inner tubes are one of our favorite materials. Each kind of inner tube has a unique thickness, size, and surface shape, which allows us to create a variety of different designs. Bicycle inner tubes are more flexible and that is why we use them for twisted, coiled forms. The thickness and the size of the tractor tube makes it ideal for flat designs. The diversity of inner tubes provides endless possibilities of design.

Working with bicycle chains is puzzle play, beginning with cleaning and disassembling them. Recycled bicycle chain links are great for both delicate, subtle, and minimalist designs; assembled, they make eye-catching statement jewelry. We like the unrefined, industrial aspects of working with bike chains, which makes it a perfect material for jewelry for all genders.

It’s always thrilling when we open en electric cable: what colors are hiding inside? Yes, electric cables hide plenty of different colors and shades! And it’s wonderful to play with them to create one of a kind upcycled jewelry. To do that we use different techniques. We stitch them, coil them, twist them: all depends on sort of the cable we are working with.


Recycled textiles are the easiest material to find for making upcycled jewelry. Their light weight and bright color, especially suit summer styles. The material is easy to work with; using only a pair of scissors, we make unique bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

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