Our Story

My name is Olga. I’m the owner and designer of Re-krea products. I started Re-krea in 2011 during my maternity leave. I always liked handcrafting and cared about the environment and the impact we have on it. One day I created a bracelet using my broken mobile charger. I received many positive comments, so I made more of them. I started experimenting with other materials that headed to the landfill: inner tubes, bicycle chains, textiles, cork. I found it thrilling and challenging to make something useful out of so-called trash. My background studying design and working at a big company as a POS designer helped me realize my desire to work for myself and make things.

My husband contributes to our creative adventure by collecting materials to be repurposed, cleaning them, and advising me on new designs. He often serves as our photographer.

Our family-owned company is a team effort and we take inspiration from each other. The energy of two young boys ignites new ideas and our eco-friendly home.

All of us are big nature lovers. We lead our happy slow life on a small farm in southern Poland. We love gardening and farming. We try to be nutritionally self-sufficient, not to waste things and to throw away as little as possible. Upcycling is a natural result of sustainability and our urge to experiment with our creative souls. We hope to share our eco-conscious approach to everyday life and respect of nature with our two young boys.

Creating jewellery from recycled items lets us combine our ethical approach, professional independence, and passion to design.

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