Re-krea is an enviro-conscious brand founded in 2011. It was born as a result of our concern about the environment and the impact we have on it.

We handcraft unique jewelry using recycled materials like inner tubes, bicycle chains, electric cables, textiles…

We hope that our work will inspire and make you look at the wastes in a different, more creative way.


Recycled inner tubes are one of our favorite materials. Each kind of inner tube has its own properties like thickness, size and surface shape which allows us to create verity of different designs. Bicycled inner tubes are more flexible that is why we use them for twisted, coiled forms. On the other hand the thickness and the size of the tractor tube makes it ideal for flat designs. The diversity of the inner tubes gives endless possibilities of design.


The first step to repurpose bike chains is to clean and disassemble them. We use different techniques to do this like washing, polishing, oiling. Once it is done the puzzle play begins. Recycled bicycle chain links are great for both delicate, subtle, minimalist designs and if accumulated they can make eye-catching statement jewelry. What we like about working with bike chain is its unrefined, industrial aspect which makes it a perfect material for both women and men jewelry.